MJR Capital Services

MJR is a progressive, Canadian-owned full-service collection and Business Process Outsourcing company that has earned an excellent reputation for professionalism and outstanding results. MJR has established itself as a top-performing national supplier of collection and outsourcing services. We provide service to a distinguished list of Canada's credit granters and we are continuing to experience strong, steady growth. MJR's success in driving value and maintaining a high-level of performance for these top-tier clients can be attributed to a philosophy of dedication to client satisfaction, commercial flexibility, experience and our investment in leading-edge technology. MJR's commitment to positive communication between our clients and our Management Team enables us to develop collection strategies that are effective, adaptable and efficient. Continual monitoring of our collection strategies, resource deployment and performance is combined with consistent client feedback and input to ensure a high degree of success.


Contact Information

Website: mjrcapital.com
est. organic traffic: 1500 visitors/month

Phone: 877.669.4935


Address: 7033 Telford Way Mississauga, ON L5S 1V4 Canada

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